What Is A Residential Assisted Living Home?

Assisted living facilities

come in many different types of settings. These facilities provide lodging and supervision for people that find themselves in a position where they just cannot live on their own any longer. It is a hard

decision to move into an assisted living home for many folks. It means giving up what is familiar to them and reaching out for help. The transition can be very difficult; making that transition easier can

be done by picking the right facility. In many cases a residential assisted living home is the perfect setting that is easily transitioned to.  It is a small intimate place that features a family type


Most Common Types of Residential Assisted Living Home

A residential assisted living home is usually located in a house. It is not a big huge building with many

different units. It is simply a house that is home to four or five residents and that has been renovated or remodeled to have a big common area and smaller bedrooms. Each resident is given their own bedroom

in the house and they share the common areas. It is like living with roommates. The house can be located in a community that functions as any community does with neighbors and stores nearby.

Living Arrangements

In a residential assisted living home, each person is typically responsible for their own space. They can decorate it as they see fit, they may have their own

televisions in their rooms and a host of other personal effects. Usually meals are shared with the other residents. The bathrooms may be private or shared largely depending on the structure of the home.

There are common areas, like the kitchen, dining room and living room. There may be a back yard for outdoor activities like gardening. Each resident has their own private space and can participate in

activities with the other residents.


In this setting friends are quickly made because of the intimacy of the living arrangement. The companionship is instant.

Residents are encouraged to spend time together and get to know each other. They take trips together and participate in group activities together as they do at larger facilities but this is a far more

intimate setting, with a lot of one on one time.

Assistance with Personal Care

Just as in a larger assisted living setting, folks who move into a residential assisted living

home are privy to the extra help they need with daily living activities.  From help with bathing, dressing, and grooming, to transportation for errands, appointments, and shopping, the assisted living

resident is given assistance with activities on a personalized level and is encouraged to maintain their ability to do things for themselves.

Residents in a residential assisted living home may find

that moving into an environment that is small and intimate may be the perfect setting for them. Transitioning from one’s home into this type of home is oftentimes easier because it is a more familiar

setting. Living in a residential area with neighbors and similar structure from where they came from can be the perfect way to adjust to a new home.